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A Comparison Chart of Hand Held Acne Lights

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Hand-held acne lights are becoming very popular for their sleek design and travelability. If you are treating the occasional zit or trouble spot, a hand-held acne light is perfect and wonderful. If you have acne more often, or over a larger area, a head-held acne light might become tedious and time consuming, and you might find a table-top model more convenient for daily treatments.

This chart compares the following hand-held acne lights: LightStim, Tanda, Evis MD, Baby Quasar & LightWave CS. This is a real-life type comparison, so you can see the things that really matter, such as how you are going to spend – not just your money, but your time – along with how long your investment is protected (warranty) and if you get your money back if it doesn’t work for you (return policy).

The  chart assumes every product will be effective when used as directed and, in fact, they all should be. Whatever the product, acne light therapy is effective for about 86% of people.

You can see that LightStim and LightWave are a single unit, where the others are red and blue separately. If you are looking to treat acne alone, an acne light that combines red and blue light would be most convenient for you. If you would like to use red light for other things too, such as to build collagen, then you might like having the red and blue lights separately.

LightStim Tanda ANSR Evis MD Baby Quasar Red & Blue combo Pack LightWave CS
Color – peak wavelengths 450nm-1000nm Blue, Red and IR 414nm Blue660nm Red 430nm? Blue660nm Red 410nm- 420nm Blue unpublished 405nm Blue, 450nm Blue, 660nm Red, 850nm IR Core
Components  Single Unit Separate Units Separate Units Separate Units Separate Units Single Unit
Treatment distance
Skin surface Skin surface Skin surface Skin Surface Skin Surface 6″-10″ away from skin surface
Treatment area: 4″ diameter No specs found 1″x2″ +/- 3″x2″ Not published 5″ diameter
Treatment time per area: 2-3 minutes 3 minutes each light 5minutes twice daily each light Minimum 6 minutes each light 30 minutes total. Per light? Not specified. 12 seconds average
Price: $329.95 $395.00 $380.00 $590.00 $749.95 $ 349.95
Shipping Service / Cost USPS Priority, varies by zip. Free within US Varies by retailer Free Free Free
Product / Lamp Life not published 300 hours 10,000 hours not published 10 Years 50,000 hours
Warranty 1 Year Not found 1 Year 1 Year 5 Year Lifetime
Trial Period 90 Days None 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 90 Days
Refund Policy 100% Satisfaction No returns – All sales final. 100% Satisfaction 100% Satisfaction 100% Satisfaction 110% Satisfaction


There are 2 comments .

Stuart Pierce

Total output strength would be useful. Some of the units are a lot more powerful than others.

Belinda C —

Great website! I have a Tanda Professional and thought I would let you know that its treatment heads are triangular and 6cm (2.36″) in diameter. It comes with a 1 year warranty. I should add that I am about to exchange my unit after only 3 months because it is malfunctioning.

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